PRO PLUS® Snowplow
November 16, 2015
MVP PLUS™ Snowplow
November 16, 2015

Bigger is Better!
Here’s to matching the equipment to the job! With the largest blade available from WESTERN®, the 10’ wide HEAVYWEIGHT snow plow is made for trucks in the 14,000-27,000 GVW range. You can count on these plows for light municipal plowing applications like local streets, parks, county roads, parking lots and more.

Snow plow Niagara Drivetrain

HEAVYWEIGHT Specifications

Blade Width Blade Height Blade Gauge Trip Springs Shock Absorbers Vertical Ribs Angling Rams Plowing Width
(full angle)
Approx. Weight
(less mount)
Disc Shoes Cutting Edge
10′ 33″ 7″ 6 2 6 2″ x 16″ 8′ 8″ 1106 lb cast iron 1/2″ x 6″