ICE BREAKER™ Hopper Spreader
November 16, 2015
LOW PROFILE Tailgate Spreader
November 16, 2015

De-Icing Versatility
The PRO-FLO 2 Tailgate Spreader can handle #1 rock salt and calcium chloride, as well as sand. With adjustable material flow feed gates and deflectors, this tailgate spreader delivers a wide even spread pattern. Perfect for any condition, any job site, any material.

Snow plow Niagara Drivetrain

PRO-FLO™ 2 Tailgate Spreader Specifications

Hopper Construction Capacity Dimensions
(Overall L x W x H)
Approximate Weight (empty) Motor Spinner Size Spreading Width Materials Vehicle Application
Polyethylene 10 cu ft 24″ x 46″ x 46″ 235 lb
w/o mount
1/3 HP 15½” 3′ – 30′ Sand & Salt 3/4 & 1 Ton Pick-up Trucks