PRODIGY™ Multi-Position Wing Plow
November 16, 2015
November 16, 2015

There’s a Reason It’s Up to 30% More Efficient
Get an 8’ blade, a 10’ blade, an 8’10” scoop/pusher blade or a windrowing machine all at the touch of a button. The WESTERN® WIDE-OUT™ adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically transforms to move more snow, no matter what the condition. Up to 30% more. It’s the ultimate in CONTRACTOR GRADE® performance.

Snow plow Niagara Drivetrain

WIDE-OUT™ Specifications

Blade Width Blade Height Blade Gauge Trip Springs Vertical Ribs Angling Rams Plowing Width
(full angle)
Approx. Weight
(less mount)
Disc Shoes Cutting Edge
8′ retracted
10′ expanded
29″ 12 4 6 1½” x 10″ 7′ 2″ retracted
9′ expanded
7′ 11″ scoop
940 lb optional 1/2″ x 6″ blade
1½” x 8″ poly wing